• Is your business suffering due to
    outdated tools that don’t allow for
    remote working or collaboration?
  • Are you hindered by traditional,
    non-agile and disparate communication
  • Are you confident your business IP
    and data are as secure
    as they can be?
  • Do you need to upskill your workforce to
    embrace your new Modern
    Workplace technology?

Leading Australia’s Modern Workplace

Insync Technology helps organisations unlock the power of the digital workplace.

Our vision is a Modern Workplace where our customers are more efficient, more productive, and focused on results.

Who We Help

  • Government
    Insync is a trusted supplier to local, state and federal governments. We believe every public sector organisation can transform service delivery, business process and technology operations to positively impact staff, constituents and the community. We acknowledge the need to do more with less and deliver results. Our government focused solutions create a complete, flexible, and trusted platform that encompasses the entire IT ecosystem, from server to cloud, and desktop to mobile devices.
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  • Financial &
    We understand the challenges facing a modern business because we are one! We know having the right tools and modern IT technologies in place is essential to focus on core business objectives such as growing sales, increasing productivity, and improving efficiency. Our Modern Business solutions get you back to focusing on the important work, such as customer experience, operational excellence, and business innovation.
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    Financial &
  • Education
    We have extensive experience working with schools and universities across the country. We understand the challenges in the Education industry such as the need for richer learning experiences, the complexity of siloed data and admin systems, and struggles with managing BYOD. Our Modern Workplace solutions empower schools and tertiary education providers by using technology as a driver for innovative, effective learning.
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The technical support from Insync has been great. They provided clear, honest answers and practical and informed assistance. The staff have a very good understanding of the technology and our business needs and this has been invaluable. Insync has a direct line to Telstra and Microsoft so are well positioned to take advantage of Microsoft developments. TasPorts has certainly benefited from this.

– Mark Vosper, IT Manager, TasPorts

One of the best things about Insync was their ability to shift the focus of the training provided. With OneDrive, they identified weaker adoption experiences and addressed this directly. It was much more effective than just rolling out the steps of a generic training program.

– Megan Cetinic, Head of Governance and Culture, Food Agility

It’s good to have a local team to get some face to face. Insync Technology are a great bunch. Very knowledgeable. Immediately accessible. They always get back quickly.

– Tim Harris, Saint Stephen’s College Network Administrator

Thank you very much to the Insync Team for the assistance provided to Maria today and the previous few weeks, the result was an extremely smoothly run Live Event for the Commissioner.

– Troy Hampel, Queensland Building & Construction Commission

Given the virtual nature of the event this year, I really want to call out one company and that’s Insync… I wanted to thank the General Manager, Nathan Belling for offering to build and host this year’s UHack platform… what you’ve been using all weekend was developed by Insync. I think you’ll all agree it has worked effectively and the Insync team should be very proud of what they’ve built…

– Professor Craig Johnson, University of Tasmania's Executive Director Innovation & Enterprises


How Modern is your Workplace?

Does your IT infrastructure enable your staff to collaborate easily and efficiently? Do not let outdated tech hinder your staff’s performance.

Find out if you have the right tools and approach in place to embrace a Modern Workplace with our quick 3-minute survey.

Embrace a Modern Workplace


Workplace Computing

Microsoft 365 offers unparalleled efficiency through modern tools and integration. Establish a productive and communicative workplace with a dynamic platform that removes the frustration caused by disparate point solutions and outdated apps.

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Integrate your telephony with Microsoft 365, via Teams Calling, to increase mobility. Our partnerships ensure you experience the best meetings, calls and conferences. Our Intelligent Communication team focus on voice, video and interactivity in the Modern Workplace. We help customers ensure they have the right compliance, governance, processes, and policies in place.

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Security &

We understand how to protect your organisation and staff identities. Do you need to secure your infrastructure to remain productive and safe? We help customers ensure they have the right compliance, governance, processes, and policies in place.

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Adoption & Change

Are your staff overwhelmed by modern IT technologies? Equip staff with skills and knowledge to ensure uptake of new systems. We provide tailored programs for all skill levels to ensure your workforce embrace new apps and their capabilities.

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